Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Love Summer

In Southwestern Ontario Summer is a fleeting moment.  So short that if you don't pay attention you might miss it.  But, for the 8 weeks a year that we can be almost certain it is not going to snow, it is awesome.  This past weekend was Canada Day weekend and it was super.  The weather was hot and sunny most of the time and just enough rain to save me from having to water my gardens.  I treated myself to an extra long weekend and took Monday off as well. 

The weekend was spent chillin in the back yard, visiting friends for a bbq and taking a road trip with my parents to see some local sights.  Overall it was a good weekend.  To make things even better I am off work all next week as well.  I am not planning any extended vacation time but I will certainly be going to the beach and enjoying lunches on a patio with a cold beer.  Here are some pictures of how my summer has been shaping up so far.

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