Friday, September 24, 2010

Control Your Peanut Butter

If you can't control your peanut butter, you can't expect to control your life.  - Bill Watterson
I have been lurking on several health, wellness and lifestyle blogs for a while.  Occasionally I would leave a comment but more often then not I would just take the time to read the posts, absorb the information and find a way to incorporate some of these great "crumbs" about food, fitness and lifestyle into my own life.  Some of the women who write these blogs (sorry guys, so far my favourite bloggers are women) are so passionate about their journeys and offer the inspiration and motivation that many of us need to stay focused on our goals.  Not to mention the fact that they all seem to share my addiction to all things “peanut butter”.
I have always been a reasonably healthy and active individual but in the past few years my interest in health and fitness has spiked.  This is in part thanks to my BF who is very passionate about his own fitness goals.  While I admit, his focus and determination can be frustrating at times, I know my interest in fitness has grown out of his passion. 

Me and the BF
Reach the Beach 5km Race, Port Stanley, Ontario

I have also developed a new interest in simplifying everything in hopes of taking control of my peanut butter life.  This is a fairly new interest in my life and I struggle on a daily basis to find balance in a cluttered universe.
So, I hope you will join me on my adventure as I document the ups and downs of trying to live a healthy balanced life.  I love food, friends, my dogs, my bf and my family (not necessarily in that order) and I plan to write about all of these loves and more.
Here we go…

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