Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Girl's Night

I love Girl's Night.  There is something so fun about hanging out with your girlfriends and just chatting and sharing stories.  That's what we do.  No TV.  No movie.  Just the girls and some wine of course.

It's hard to find good girlfriends.  Dare I say it is harder to get girlfriends than it is to get boyfriends.  I moved back to London in 2008 and I am just now really solidifying relationships with people I hope to know for the rest of my life.  Caroline, Lulu and Amanda have become some great girls to have in my life.  They are smart, creative, funny and just plain awesome.  I am better for having them around. 

Tonight's Girls Night was especially exciting as it was the very first time I had hosted in my "new" house.  I made veggie fajitas and the girls brought cookies and a mixed bean salad.  Plus we had some wine and mixed drinks as well.  It was a fun time.

Lulu was busy snapping the pics so she isn't in any of them unfortunately.  I will get her next time for sure.  We do our best to make Girl's Night a regular event.  Schedules are hard to co-ordinate sometimes but we have been doing a pretty good job at making it a regular event.

Love you ladies!


  1. Awwww.... I love girls night too. I've also found it really hard to make good girlfriends, so I'm super pumped about you guys. yay!

  2. I'm just reading this now, catching up on the posts I've missed. I back up Lulu's awwww!!!! Talk about warm fuzzies. Extra big hugs next time.