Sunday, March 13, 2011

PBG SoulPancake: The Brain and the Soul

I mentioned the other day that a good friend gave me a new book recently - SoulPancake.  I have been flipping through this book and completing the various exercises and challenges as I go along.  The book is meant as a way to inspire you to dig deeper into life's big questions and to help you find your own answers or at least get you a lot closer to understanding your own life philosophies. 

One of the first challenges I found difficult was in The Brain and Soul section of the book.  Here is the challenge and my answers. 

Tell Me Now! List 5 questions you hate not knowing the answers to.

1.  Where/who is my soul mate?
2.  Will I be a good mother?  Should I even have children?
3.  What does my future hold?
4.  Has anyone ever really loved me?  My parents don't count...they have to love me.
5.  Is it me?

I found this challenge to be exceptionally difficult.  There are so many questions I don't have the answers to.  I tried to look dig deep into myself to really understand where I feel the most lost.  Clearly, there is a pattern to my answers - insecurity about love being the obvious theme.  Armed with this information I am hoping I will be able to identity within myself exactly why I have these insecurities about love.  We all have relationships that don't last but I think for me there is something deeper going on in my head.  Something I need to address so that my future relationships don't suffer the same fate.

I am finding this book to be a great outlet for my feelings.  As someone who has never been comfortable with sharing my feeling - good and bad - this book (and this blog) are giving me a creative outlet to help me work through some of my stuff. 

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