Saturday, November 6, 2010

Three Projects and a Tortilla

Today was a super-duper productive day.  To start out it was a beautiful sunny fall day here in Southwestern Ontario.  The sun was shining and although it was a little on the chilly side it was still lovely.  I spent the day doing some much needed work around the house.  For starters, I headed to Rona to buy some leaf bags so I could rake the leaves in the front lawn and some sandpaper for a small renovation project.  A new bathroom fan and a small space heater were also purchased.  Oh, and I got me some workin' gloves to help with some of my projects.

Project #1:  The Stairs

When we moved into this house 2.5 years ago the stairs were covered in a very hideous blue/green carpet.  I am sure it was super fabulous in 1989 but in 2010 is was dirty, gross and ugly.  So, a couple of months ago when I just couldn't stand it anymore I ripped up all of the old carpet.  Finally, today we are ready prep and paint the stairs.  Yay!  So, my job was to remove any remaining carpet staples and carpet bits and sand all the the stairs to prepare them for priming.  It was tough work and resulted in a LOT of dust EVERYWHERE.  But the prep work is done and the stairs are ready to be primed.

The don't look so great right now, but I promise you by this time tomorrow they are going to look a whole lot better. 

Project #2:  Rake the leaves in the front yard

Let me tell you, we only have one tree in our front yard and I managed to fill 11 bags with leaves.  I couldn't believe how many leaves there were. 

While I was raking something happened that brought a smile to my heavy heart.  The woman who lives across the street - Sarah - saw me raking and raking and raking and she kindly walked across the street with a leaf bag and offered to help me finish raking my leaves.  Sadly, I did not get a chance to take her picture.  But she brought a smile to my face.

Project #3:  Bathroom ceiling fan

I can't take full credit for this project but I was responsible for holding the flashlight.  That is a very important role in any renovation.  Very important.  

After this very productive day it was time for some nutritious dinner.  I decided on a vegetarian fajita.  The filling included red and green peppers, onion and garlic.  I mixed some home made hot sauce (a birthday gift from a friend) along with some chick peas for a protein boost.  A little shredded cheddar cheese and salsa on top - all wrapped up in a spinach tortilla.

Yum!  It was so good.

Tomorrow's agenda includes some additional leave raking, this time in the back yard and also some cleaning up of my gardens so they are ready to go in the spring.  The snow could be here any day now.  I will also be priming the aforementioned staircase so we can hopefully get it painted this week. 

Did you have a productive Saturday?

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