Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Worker

I have unfortunately been working ALL weekend.  I work for the IT department at a law firm (no I am NOT a lawyer!) and this weekend was the cut over weekend for a marketing rebranding initiative.  The short story is that we have to put new logos on all over our paper stock.  The long story is that we had to update thousands (I repeat...THOUSANDS) of document templates, application dialog boxes, telephones, signs, paper stock and much, much more.  This project has been all consuming for the past 6 weeks culminating in a week of 12 hour work days and a full weekend in the office.

So, how does one survive a weekend in the office.  For starters a whole lot of this...

Grande, nonfat peppermint mocha.  I am sure this is not good for me but it tastes ohhhh soooo good.  It also kept me motivated while I sat at my desk all alone in a very empty and very quiet office.  I kept myself busy with the requisite IT related work while listening to archived This American Life radio broadcasts.  If you have never listed to This American Life you should. 

I kept myself nourished with lots of fruit and water.  I even remembered to bring along a tasty lunch of leftover black bean soup.  The frozen leftovers lasted the whole weekend and were very yummy.

My team did a great job this weekend and worked very hard to get everything updated and ready for our cut over deadline tomorrow morning.  I know it won;t be perfect but I know my team did the best jobthey could given the short time frame and the huge amount of work that needed to be done. 

My weekend was otherwise dull with only a trip to the grocery store for supplies groceries.  I pick up the ingredients for an orange and avocado salsa.  I will share the recipe with you soon.

I have also been meaning to share with you my new haircut and colour.  I am loving it!  My new stylist did an amazing job!

I should be more in touch this week.  My plans include a vegetarian dinner made by my brother followed by Glee and a shopping trip with my mom.  I want to get something fabulous to wear to my office Holiday party.

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