Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...and all because two people fell in love

This past weekend I had the great pleasure in celebrating the impending birth of one of my best friend's first baby.  My friend Jessica is 7 months pregnant with her first baby and I could not be more excited for her.  She is one of my closest friends and I can't believe she is going to have a baby.  I have to be honest, I am not one of those women to "ohs" and "aws" over babies and children.  But, this time, it is different.  This time it is one of MY people having a baby. She is happy and glowing and I imagine more than a little terrified.  But, I know she is going to be a fantastic mother.  Her partner Sean is supportive and loving.  I like watching them together when they are not paying attention.  He looks at her and rubs her belly.  It is beautiful that they seem to be so much in love.  

The baby shower was hosted by Jessica's best friend Hailie.  Hailie and her family pulled together a very fun and entertaining co-ed baby shower.  If you are not familiar a co-ed baby shower is really just a party with baby presents and games involving baby food and pinning the sperm on the egg.  

Of course the presents were pink and adorable for Baby Girl Barber.  A name has been chosen but apparently it is a secret for now.  There were onsies and receiving blankets, party dresses and adorable socks.  There was even a ballerina tutu and a bottle of tequila.  I had such fun watching Jess and Sean open all of their gifts.  I can't believe we start out as such small and helpless creatures and we grow into mothers and fathers.  Amazing!

At any party that is hosted by Hailie and her friends and family you can be sure there is going to be music.  Sure enough, well into the evening good friends and family brought out their instruments and warmed up their voices for over an hour of rock and roll blues jamming.  I am told that one of the songs was even a family original that all the children wrote and performed themselves.  It was amazing to see all the friends and family of the lovely couple enjoying the music and celebrating the new member that will soon join this large and close knit family. 

Congratulation Sean and Jess!  May your future be full of love.

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