Friday, May 13, 2011

Sometimes They Don't Call

Ladies, you know what I am talking about.  You go out on a first date.  It goes well.  There are no awkward pauses in the conversation, both of you are laughing, you are looking exceptionally cute in your new yellow cardigan.  He walks you to your car and ends the evening with a hug.  You tell him you had a good time, he says he did to and that we should do it again sometime.  "Great!" you say with your biggest grin.  "I would like that." 

We all know there are stupid rules and dating games that need to be played.  So, we wait.  After a couple of days you try not to think about it but you keep checking your phone to see if you missed a call or an email.  You tell yourself he said he would call towards the end of the week and it's only Wednesday, no need to panic.  Then, Friday rolls around and still no call. 

At some point you have to acknowledge that you have been officially rejected.  You must accept that while you were having a good time on your first date he was planning an exit strategy.  You must embrace the fact that even though you are awesome and you were totally rocking your new yellow cardigan (that you got on sale shopping with your mom on Mother's Day) he felt differently.

There is a kind of relief that comes with the recognition of the rejection, don't you think?  You don't have to worry if he is going to call.  You don't have to worry that maybe yellow isn't your colour (because it is, it totally is!).  You don't have worry that maybe you said something, did something, wore something that was unpleasant.  You can just move on. 

While on the surface rejection in dating can be a hard pill to swallow we must learn to take it for what it is.  A bump in the road.  Just because someone doesn't want to date you does not mean there is anything wrong with you.  It just means that you weren't right for him.  He will find someone who is a better fit and so will you. 

So, ladies!  Chins up, yellow first date cardigans ready!  Time to head into the dating battle field with our new scars.  Proud to be single but still looking for that special someone to share your special someone (yes, YOU!) with.

Happy dating!

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