Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homemade Pizza

As sisters often do (or at least I often do) I invited myself over to my prothers house for dinner on Saturday.  If I haven't already mentioned it my brother is a fantastic cook.  He has a talent for flavour that I take full advantage of.  Thankfully, he doesn't mind so I get lots of yummy home cooked meals.  He even tries hard to accomodate my vegetarian tendancies despite the fact that he is a full fledged carnivore.  Oh, and if I didn't mention it before, my brother is the biggest goof I know. 

This last visit I was rewarded with home made pizza.  I am talking home made crust, home made sauce and losts of yummy toppings.  Pizza is one of my favourite foods and you have not lived until you have had home made pizza.  The crust is soft and chewy, the toppings are always exactly what you want.  I hate too much sauce and not enough cheese.  So, I always get mine light on the sauce and heavy on the cheese.  Just the way I like it.

The I mentioned, home made.

My vegetarian pizza with cheese, tomatoes and basil.

The carnivore with bacon, pepperoni mushrooms and red peppers.  (I may have had a slice of this and it was yummy)

In the oven.  I can't wait. 



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