Saturday, January 29, 2011

PBG Good News: Little Dresses for Africa

It's time for another Good News post.  With so much pain in the world we need to look at the people that are making a difference. 


Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit organization that provides relief to the children of Africa.  People from all over work together to make and distribute dresses made from pillowcases for little orphan girls in Africa. 

Because of the widespread AIDS epidemic in Africa young girls are often required to become the primary caregiver for their sibling and elders.  It is rare that there are enough resources to provide food, shelter and new clothing for these young women.  Their hope is to bring some happiness and love to young women to need it the most.

You can see by the smiles on their beautiful faces how much they appreciate this small token of charity.  It is possible that some of these young girls have never had a brand new dress all for themselves.  Many of the dresses are actually made from a pattern using a pillow case. 

I think this charity is so brilliant.  I am sure most of us right now have one if not more pillowcases that could be turned into a beautiful summer dress for a girl in need.  I love the simplicity of this charity and I am planning to work with my mom to sew a half dozen dresses ourselves to send to the charity. 

Do you have a good new story or charity that you think deserves some attention?  Let me know and I will highlight it in a future PBG Good News post.

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