Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend, Coffee, Wine and Friends

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  It started off extra good because it was extra long.  I was able to take Friday off last week since I ended having to work on Christmas Eve to finalize some important stuff for a project at work.  I decided I wasn't ready to commit to a full week at work in 2011 just yet so Friday I decided was the perfect day to take off.

Friday was pretty good.  I spent the afternoon at a local coffee shop with a new friend.  We talked nerdiness and other such things.  New friends are awesome.  I had myself a chai latte and we chatted the afternoon away. 

Friday evening I had dinner with my mom and step dad.  Chinese take-out.  Certainly not the healthiest but it was yummy nonetheless. 

Saturday was pretty exciting too.  My personal trainer has recently purchased a local cardio bootcamp and wanted to make a video of a class to add to their website to give potential clients a better idea of the program.  I had not attended any of her classes but since she worked with me as my trainer last year she thought I might be interested.  I will have some more info for you about this cool bootcamp program in case you are interested in attending but let me just say the class in INTENSE!  And also a lot of fun.

After the hard core workout I deserved a reward.  So, I got cleaned up and met some friends at the local Wine and Food Show. 

I have never been to the show before and it was a blast.  We participated in a wine tasting and learned how different glasses actually make a difference in how the wine tastes.  We also participated in a cheese tasting which was also good but most of the cheeses were fairly common.  I was hoping to get something different to try.  Oh well, it was still cheese and it was still good.
Adam and Lulu

Joel and Caroline
I spent the day on Sunday just chillin and getting groceries.  I was supposed to do some laundry but could just not get myself motivated to do it.   I am heading to bed early tonight.  Another late game of Ultimate Frisbee tomorrow night so I need my rest.

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