Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas Disaster Diverted

I almost had a Christmas disaster this year.  As you know, I am single this Christmas for the first time in about four years.  My ex's family was never very flexible regarding visits over the holidays.  We almost always had to work around their schedule.  So, over the years, my family has rearranged our entire Christmas schedule so I could drive 3 hours up north to be with my ex's family every Christmas day.  Don't get me wrong, my ex's family are fantastic people and we always had a great time when we visited.  Always.  But, now that they are not a part of my life I realized that I was so accommodating that I had compromised myself out of Christmas with my own family.

I panicked.   Alone?  On Christmas?  I was already having a hard time putting on the cheer and enjoying the holidays as a sad single.  This realization that I might be alone on Christmas day was heartbreaking.  I spent the week leading up to Christmas shopping and baking and visiting with friends to take my mind off it. 

Then, a few days before Christmas my Brother came to my rescue.  For the first time in 8 years he did not have to be with his girlfriend's family on Christmas day.  So, I was invited over, along with my mom and step dad to have Christmas with him and is lovely ladies - the girlfriend Melanie (who we love!) and her daughter Maddie (who, as a tween, can be hard to love but we love her nonetheless).

My brother and I have a special relationship.  We did not always see eye-to-eye growing up.  He made some decisions I did not agree with and I am sure I did the same.  So, there was a time we didn't really talk much.  But, I always knew if I needed him he would always be there.  Despite some years in his youth were he was a lost soul, he finally found himself about 6 years ago.  He is now an awesome step-dad to Maddie and a fabulous house husband to Melanie.  With his help, she was able to finish school while raising a child with more than a few issues.  He was able to go back to school to get his degree as a Personal Support Worker.  He is a loving and caring man and thanks to him I had a happy Christmas day.

I love you Stephen, Melanie and Maddie.  You will never know how much your kindness meant to me this year.   

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