Friday, December 17, 2010

Social Carnivore

You may remember that I have been working hard and reducing the amount of meat in my diet.  So far, so good...sort of.  I have not cut out meat totally but I have been eating vegetarian about 90% of the time.  Since this whole thing is new to me I have had a few slip ups.  The funniest incident was at a party.  I decided I was hungry so I headed over to the food table.  I grabbed some cheese, veggies and dip, chips, taco dip, meatballs, apple-curry dip...the works.  It wasn't until an hour later that I realized I had shovelled in 5 Swedish meatballs and didn't even flinch.  Too funny!

I have been describing myself a Social Carnivore.  You know how some people only smoke socially or only drink on special occasions.  That's me with meat.  I never cook meat at home but if I am out for dinner or at a party or family function I will allow myself to have meat if the vegetarian options are just not going to cut it.  Like Thanksgiving dinner...potatoes and peas was not going to be enough for a big eater like me.  And I do love me some Turkey.

So far I feel pretty good about my choices.  My motivation for eating vegetarian is animal welfare rather than nutrition.  So, if someone else has chosen to serve meat at their party or function, I do not want to be rude.  Besides, the animal they have chosen to eat has already been purchased and prepared so I am not saving any animals by refusing the meat. 

Do you have any strong convictions when it comes to your food?  Are you a vegetarian?  A vegan?  Do you only eat ethical animal protein?

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