Saturday, December 11, 2010


Welcome to Southwestern Ontario in the winter.  We have had more snow this week than we had all last winter.  The last time we had a storm like this I was only a year old.  The city was shut down for three days.  My office was closed for two days.  I work with lawyers and lawyers NEVER want to stop working so it is an amazing thing that they allowed the office to be closed. 

I knew the storm was really serious when I found out that they closed the mall.  The mall!!  Can you believe it?  The snow finally stopped on Friday.  We had over a meter of snow this week but the city is finally back to normal.

The weatherman is calling for a little more snow this weekend.  Nothing like we saw this week but when you already have a meter of snow to contend with just a couple of inches can be a disaster. 

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