Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Wonderland

It was a beautiful, although chilly, fall day in southwestern Ontario today. 

The leaves are almost gone off most of the trees. Some trees, like the one in my front yard, are holding on thigh to their fall foliage.  It seems that our front tree is always the last on the street to give up its leaves.  It is so beautiful.

I did not have the best week and needed some extra outside time.  Most of this week has been windy and raining.  But today was lovely.  So, when I got home I quickly changed into my mucking around clothes and headed out back to play with the dogs and get some photos of this lovely day.  The dogs ran around like crazy (as usual).  They are so fast I can barely get a picture of them.

Zoom!  Zoom!
Even though the leaves are falling off the trees and are mostly covering the ground these days...

...there is still some life and colour in my garden.  Some flowers and some greenery can still be found if you know where to look.

I can't believe I still have flowers in my garden and it is almost November.  Beautiful.

What are you up to this weekend?  Anything special?  My family is having a little gathering to celebrate a couple of birthdays.  One of which is MINE!  OK, technically, my birthday isn't until Tuesday but since my step-dad's birthday was on Wednesday we decided that a dual celebration this Saturday was in order.  Rest assured there will be cake and gifts all around.  And probably even a few drinks.  The family is good for that kind of thing.

I am also hoping the weather stays nice so I can spend some time outside getting some fresh air before our Canadian winter hits.  It could really happen at any minute.  Well, I am off to do some reading then going to be early.  I know, how lame is it to go to bed early on a Friday night?  I am OK with it.   Have a good night.

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