Monday, October 4, 2010

Lie to Me

Does anyone out there watch this program?  The season premier is tonight and I am watching, blogging and cuddling (of course, with my girl Bella).    Please ignore the sweaty grossness that is me.  I just finished a 90 minute game of Ultimate Frisbee and we had no female subs.  But, Bella is the cutest isn't she?  She loves herself a good cuddle.

Tim Roth is great as Dr. Lightman.  If you haven't watched the show it focuses around the Lightman Group who are a group of professionals trained to "read" faces.  They can tell when people are lying, scared, happy and sad.  While the program is fiction it is loosely based on the science of reading facial micrexpressions and pioneered by Paul Ekman.  I find this kind of science fascinating.  Imagine, one eyebrow twitch or a grimace of the upper lip and you can tell exactly what a person is thinking.

Speaking of lying there has been a huge flurry of activity in the health and wellness blogsphere today because of this article in Marie Claire by Katie Drummond.  I am brand new to this whole blogging thing but I am sure that uninspired and thoughtless articles like this are nothing more than an outlet for an author who, unable to fine any real dirt on these inspiring women so she had to make it up.  Sure, I have no doubt that the quotes were accurate but it sounds like they were taken totally out of context.  To imply that blogs such as these promote or encourage disordered eating is laughable.  I am in awe at how MUCH most of these women eat (and drink!!  lol).  Katie Drummond is not a journalist and I hope subscriptions and readership of their magazine plummets.  I never really like there magazine much to begin with but you can be certain I won't be buying it ever again and I will let all of my girlfriends know about the lack of ethics at this tabloid.  

Do you have any thoughts on this kind of issue?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Moving on.  My eats were boring today and not photo worthy.  Oats, quinoa with greek yogurt and kiwi fruit, chicken, broccoli, pork loin, a Larabar (peanut butter of course) and a few scrambled eggs.  Not necessarily in that order. 

I had a good workout at the gym this morning before work.  A full body circuit, as follows:

12 - 15 reps per exercise, I did the circuit twice this morning:
5 minute warm up on the elliptical
Jump squats
Push Ups
Bent Over Rows 20lbs
Shoulder Press 15lbs
Wall Sit with Bicep Curl 10lbs
Triceps Kickback 10lbs
Walking Lunges
Front/Side Lateral Raises 8lbs (but have a slight rotator cuff injury and had to skip the front raises after a few reps)
Seated Row 45 lbs
Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl

This is a new routine for me and even though it looks pretty basic it was good.  Tomorrow is leg!


  1. I dunno C....anything that re-enforces a particular body-type as "ideal" over any other is to be regarded with the utmost suspicion and scrutiny. Add the corporate backers paying dividends, and I'm almost 100% on side with the author of the article here.

  2. DJ - I am not sure if you have had a chance to read any of the blogs that were attacked in this article. If not, you should take a quick look. Most of the women eat a lot of food. They do not look anorexic nor to they seem to have poor body image. Also, most of them will not answer any direct questions about their weight or measurements. So, while I think they do re-enforce an ideal lifestyle I am not sure the re-enforce specific body types. Just my 2 cents.

  3. No, I did not. I read the entire article and most of the comments though. Given how extensive each blog is, having deep knowledge of each person's philosophy would simply take WAY too much effort than I'm willing to spend at this point.

    Wouldn't promoting a more wholistic attitude that focuses on self-worth and confidence in "being yourself" be a less subjective approach? And really, the answer to eating disorders is cannot be "eat and be healthier".

    I guess my perspective on healthy lifestyles is rooted more in where my food comes from, not necesarily what its documented nutritional content provides. Foods sourced in natural systems and derived from pastoral farming practices are, by definition, healthy.

    BTW - I'm loving reading your blog!! And at some point I likely will drill down into those blogs too :-)

  4. Thanks DJ! Glad you are enjoying it. I am new to this blogging thing so I am figuring it out as I go.

    I agree that ethical eating is almost always healthy eating. I make my food choices now 50% based on nutrition and 50% based on ethics. There is so much information out there and it can be overwhelming if you try to change everying at once. I read a couple of books in the past year that literally change my perception of food forever. I will be writing about then soon on the blog as they were such an inspiration. Stay tuned.